About nolimbs0311#0

Nolimbs is my name due to war injury in Afghanistan. You can find my TikTok and everything else using the same name. Just recently started playing Catan around August 2023 new to the strategies but love learning. I believe treat people the way you want to be treated and and enjoy adrenaline sports

Best Friends

Name Games
puche007#0 130
wheatcoin#0 98
demonwolf1011#0 96
.nunuyz#0 "Nunuyz" 67
orangezenos#0 64
tipsie.#0 55
flora0_0#0 47
lizcakes#0 "lizcakes" 41
mc2hun#0 39
nlbouncyknight#0 "Bouncyknight (Bouncy fan)" 38


date Tournament Name Mode
7/2024 171Ckopen c&k
7/2024 169Openck c&k
6/2024 167Ckopen c&k
6/2024 165Openck c&k
5/2024 163Openck c&k
4/2024 159Openck c&k
4/2024 157Openck c&k
3/2024 Baseopen155Ck c&k
2/2024 Openbase151 base
1/2024 148Openbase base
11/2023 140Openbase base
11/2023 139Openck c&k
11/2023 138Openbase base
11/2023 137Openck c&k
9/2023 131Openck c&k
9/2023 130Openbase base
8/2023 128Openbase base