How to sign up

You sign up in two steps:

  1. Register on the website. You will be asked to log in with discord. We need your discord info to be able to put in in a table.
  2. Join our server. You need to be a member of our discord server to be able to check in and play.
  3. Check in at least 15 minutes before the tournament starts. If you miss check in you can't play. However, you can still be a "back up", who we sometimes need to replace players who go missing.


Why do I need to sign up with discord?

There are various reasons we require a discord login rather than just a form like we used to.

  1. We will have a lot of our required info at once, like your user ID, username, and whether you are a member of our server.
  2. We can save your registration so you can edit it when needed, without having to redo the entire thing every weekend.

All in all it saves us a lot of time. We only require the very minimum of permissions, we don't even get your email from discord. If you are concerned about your privacy please DM us.

I signed up for a tournament before. Do I need to sign up again?

No, you do not need to sign up again if you have done it before. The data is saved. However, if you changed your colonist name or purchased a expansion since you last registered, please take a moment to update it. Click "registration" at the top of the screen to view or edit your registration.

I have a different question

Feel free to DM anyone in the team. You can find a list of everybody here