Hall of Fame

🏆Open Base Tournament Winners🏆

1st - coffee4meplease/Pressplay Won 3000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

2nd - kozokosa Won 3000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

3rd - Kaan Mert Güven/ FaKaan Won 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket! He took out both players who won all 3 qualifying matches. Impressive!

4th - Swantish Won 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket! He was the only one in the final to qualify with 2 wins. He only had 1 favorite above him and perhaps that is what saved him!

5th - 1sttperson Won 2000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket! They lived up to their name. They came in as a back-up in one qualifier and nailed it!

6th - Yeloow82 Won 2000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket! Once again a back-up hero who came back to play another day wins it all. Their game was close, but they prevailed!

7th - Pepegasus They had a strong semi-final win and played one hell of an intense final, ending with an extraordinary 11 VPs! Discord Donor luck? You tell me. As the champion they got 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

8th - biglick Played with us in the 3rd Open tournament, left, and here he was again returning to Catan Community and winning it all! As the winner he got 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

9th - Nitz He may have been ranked #7, but what a #7 rank they were with 2 Wins and 28 points overall. As the winner he got 2000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

10th - SorenFP Wow he showed no mercy to the enemies! The only player from the Sunday qualifier in the finals. The stream was hyped seeing those games. He got 2000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket for his win!

11th - QuestingBeast Never heard of this player before, but wow look at that! Ranked #15 from 200+, won the most competitive semi-final, and then CRUSHED the final. We hope that we will see him again, maybe even in a Cash Tournament since he also won a Cash Tournament Ticket as well as 2000 Colonist Coins!

12th VF - Arnau (Dr.Copper) Probably one of the strongest performances by a winner here. He joined us very recently and look at what happened, a champion! Victoria para España! A ver como te va en la proxima! He won not only glory but 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

13th - redbreast They came back with full force and sure showed who the better Red player is, in a Reds vs. Brothers grand finals! They beat undefeated Poopie9000 in the semi and won a very exciting final! For their effort they are taking home 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

14th - Merlin84 By Merlin’s beard what a story. He had recently joined us and just look, he won it all! He was ranked #17, but destiny prevailed and he got bumped up cause someone did not check-in.This gave Merlin the chance to play, beat the #1 ranked player in semi-finals and then winning a very close finals match! As the winner he won 1000 Colonist Coins and a CashTournament Ticket!

15th - Gannes Was the FIRST person to be undefeated in qualifiers and then go on to win the whole tournament! A game changer, a record setter. He has been with us since the 11th Open Tournament and we always see and probably will continue to see him at the top. For his win he got 1000 Colonist Coins and a CashTournament Ticket!

16th - Arnaud The first time one of the Tournament Support members win an open tournament while in the role! He has been with us since the start. He has reached the finals twice and qualifies high consistently. He must be happy to finally get his first win! He won 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

17th - arod They were new to our server, but definitely not to the game of Catan! This American blew away the competition and entered the final undefeated. They took home 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

18th - DyLighted Like Arod from the last open tournament DyLighted claimed his win of the tournament undefeated. With his win he brought home 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket! Not only that, he won his day final and therefore he received another Cash Tournament Ticket!

20th - Redant90 In the semi-final he absolutely crushed the competition. He had it tougher in the Grand Final, but he still brought it home by dropping a city for the win. Congrats Anton to your win of 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket. We thought he would put away the shaker for 2-3 days but later in the evening it was clear he was not going to do that after a few 1v1 losses. But maybe next time…?

21st - Yelfs is no stranger to winning as he won the 3rd Cash Tournament and can now title himself as the First to win 2 tournaments with us. Many have been sniffing around for that title but he got there first. He won 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

23rd - ionutdd He was used to playing on normal or even slow speed but still got into the finals ranked #6. In the semi-finals he crushed the competition and went on to the Grand Final. There he had a little tougher competition, but he got it in the end. He won 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

24th - Jas0n He is a 1st Open Tournament participant, season 1 veteran and 1 out of only 2 players in this tournament who got 3 wins in the qualifiers. Therefore, he was undefeated in that tournament! (Minus the Day Final but we do not need to mention it….). Jas0n won 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

26th - jimbojambo got third in the lower brackets final in the previous open tournament. This time however they got into the top 16, crushed it in their semi-final and then won the Grand Final! It was close though as the joint 2nd place was on 9 points in the end. Jimbo won 1000 Colonist Coins!

27th - CrackaPackin got into the top of the rankings with their result in the Saturday qualifiers. The semi-finals seemed to have been won by ease with a 10-6-6-5 result. The Grand Final was not as close, but they got there in the end. For winning they got a prize of 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

29th - Ventris, one of our beautiful Donators 😘, always has a positive attitude when it comes to his games and loves to hype things up. During the semi-finals he had a close game ending on 10-9-8-8. While the finals were not as close, it was just as intense as he was maxed out on settlements and desperately needed a city. With a wheat mono he was able to end the game by building a city and a settlement. He's crowned the champ of this open tournament and gets the prize to match not only for this but also for winning the Day Final on Saturday. He took home 1000 Colonist Coins and not only 1 but 2 Cash Tournament Tickets!

30th - cool_kp had a busy weekend. This Batch started the weekend getting the #1 spot in the rankings of their qualifier and even winning the Day Final! On Finals day he was in a final of another tournament, he did not win there but in this finals he completely crushed the competition with a 10-5-5-5 result. For this win and for winning the Day Final he received 500 Colonist Coins and TWO Cash Tournament Tickets!

31st VF - DandyDrew joined for his 1st tournament with us and he was on the edge of making it into the top 16 but was saved by having a higher table % than #17 in the standings. In the finals it seems to have been close in both games but Drew's skills shone through and he got the win in the end. He won 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

32nd - CrimsonLotus, one of our beautiful Donators 😘, got some some push back in the semi-final but got the big W in the end. Then he crushed the competition in the final game and got the even bigger W with 11 points! He got a prize of 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

34th - Boromir, a beautiful donator 😘, came into the semis matches at #10. Staright of the bat he made a statement by taking down the #1 seed in his semis game. He then delivered the final blow in a close finals match, with the result 10-9-7-7. Congratulations to him and his winnings of 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

36th - peepeepoopoo is back for some more tournaments, and back with a bang they are. In just their 3rd tournament with us, they pulled off the big win after putting out a great showing in the qualifiers by finishing 4th in the overall standings. Congratulations on your win and your prize of 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

38th - maoamking put on a clinic from start to finish in this one. He began his dominant performance by going 3 for 3 in his qualifying games, earning him the #1 spot on the day. He lost his day final to ABH, but got the last laugh in his semifinals game, coming away with a clutch win. In the finals he closed out a tight one, drawing 2 VPs and playing a solid road settlement game. Knowing maoam and his affinity for clowning, we’ll say for the record that his initial placement was on the corner of the 6 brick 😉 Congratulations on your win and your prize of 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

39th - DandyDrew this wonderful Donator 😘 who is no stranger to winning tournaments, came into the Top 16, ranking #16 on the overall leaderboard with 2 wins and 25 points in hand 🥳 Despite usually veering towards an OWS set-up, this time, he decided to switch it up and stuck to a handy wood port for ⅗ games! In the finals, he went back to a strong OWS setup with an ore port, and emerged the victor! Congratulations on this victory!! You will receive the prize of 1000 and a Cash Tournament Ticket!!

41st - HakunaMatata this base game master decided to go undercover this time around, as a new user named Usener came in and dominated the competition 💪. He only lost his very first game, and then caught on fire, winning his next 4 games on his way to a coveted Catan Community title. His semifinal game was a tight one where one of his opponents had winning rolls and was so close to stealing his longest road. In the end however, he was able to prevail. In the finals the dev production was just too strong, finishing with 3 cities, army and 2vps for the big win. Congrats on earning 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket worth $5 USD!

42nd - sparrowhawk1 this season 1 veteran is no stranger to our tournaments and he has shown, once again, how skillful he is. Ranking 16th overall, he showed us what a comeback looks like by winning his semifinals semi-comfortably and destroying the competition in the final table with a fantastic 11-7-6-4 result, courtesy of a longest road steal!! For this win you will receive the prize of 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!!

44th - DandyDrew this handsome Donator 😘 and one of our lovely #🎤community-streamers has been on a rampage in colonist , winning the majority of the base games he’s been playing. He made it into the Top 16 ranking #7 on the overall leaderboard with 2 wins and 27 points (and making it to the day finals on Friday) 🥳! Not only was he playing his own game, but he was also streaming! Come the semifinals, a very close 10-9-8-7 game resulted in his win, thanks to a hidden VP and clutch longest road (that seems to have become his new trademark). He decided to switch it up in the finals, locking in army with 6 knights, and pulling not just 1, but 3 VPs for the win. Maybe we should start calling him DandyDev 😏. For this wonderful win and performance throughout the tournament, you receive the prize of 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!!

46th - BoiledEgg What an egg-cellent run they had this weekend! Their final game they played an OWS strat - without wheat! Managing to settle on almost every number they became pretty unstoppable. Their competition couldn’t seem to handle the heat! Enjoy your 500 colonist coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket worth $5!

48th - szymi This player knows how to make an entrance! They joined the server, entered the tournament and won ⅘ games they played (including the grand final) all on one day! Winning the game on a VP draw is always a satisfying win. Now we just need to convince them to join the league and keep this momentum going! For their amazing show of strength they get 500 Colonist Coins & a Cash Tournament Ticket worth $5! Can’t wait to see how they fair when real, hard cash is on the line!

50th - Rudiks66 this handsome young Donator 😘 is always offline but online and can be found playing a lot of 1v1s in #rematch. He is silent and grumpy like 90% of the time, and a good player the other 10%. Seems like this tournament fell in the 10% category since he made the Top 16 with not 1 but 2 wins and 26 points! It’s been a long road to winning a tournament, and this writer is very proud to see it finally pay off! Go enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!! Win some more tournaments and maybe we’ll see you invest in a colour other than purple now!

51st - Brummemnon It was good to see this Dutch player back. And I’m sure they were quite happy with their games! Especially the final game in which they were able to cinch the win with a 4 pt road & army play. Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and see you in a Cash Tournament now that you’ve got a Cash Tournament Ticket! Woo!

56th - otter One of our lovely donors who knows how to show up and kickass! He had quite the comeback after ranking 15th overall, proving it doesn’t matter where you are before finals, as long as you win that final game! Our go-to person for any fun otter facts, we hope he cherishes his prize of 500 Colonist Coins and the Cash Tournament Ticket like an otter cherishes its pebble.

58th - CrackaPackin One of our super kind Donators (who only just discovered what those sweet coins by his name mean) now gets to claim the title of multi-tournament winner! It’s been a good while since his last tournament win but this just goes to show that with enough time, practice, and luck, anyone has the potential to get the exclusive multi-tournament winner title. Oh! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for him in the matchmaker - he’s offered to host a daily game to teach people the nuances of Cities & Knights! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

60th - FrameControl Every now and then we have players who feel like they need to don a new persona and enter our tournaments incognito. Mr. Frame here is one of those people. Who? Let’s give you some hints…This is their 4th tournament win. They are a streamer. And lastly, I’ll leave you with two words: Side by Side. Now the question is, will they bring back their O.G. account? 🤔 In the meantime, Enjoy 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

63rd - Night_Hawk Who is this person who joins the server and only after a couple of weeks wins a tournament?!?! Some of us have been playing for over a year and still are looking to claim that first trophy! As punishment for being so good you must tell us what your favorite food is, who is your celebrity crush, and whether you think wood or brick is better in off-topic-chat. Otherwise we might not give you the 500 Colonist Coins & Cash Tournament Ticket you won!

65th - rowentheboat72 Maybe sometimes all you need is a few months of clarity to come back and rock a tournament. We haven’t seen Row since ~January and then they popped back in and just casually won their first tournament back. Maybe they can keep that momentum going by entering a few Matchfinder games. For now, they win 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket! Congratulations!!

67th - Brian(KellyC) is just raking in the wins lately! First, the Cash 14, now Base Open! He can proudly put another notch on that Champion belt of his and strut his stuff around with the other multi-tournament winners! You can also bathe in these freshly minted, shiny 500 Colonist Coins and cool yourself off by waving this Cash Tournament Ticket. Congratulations!!

72nd - Lundy won their first tournament here with us after only competing in two other tournaments! We’re sure this won’t be their last either. Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

74th - DandyDrew IT’S THE DANDY-MAN! If anyone can, the Dandy Man Can! Dandy gets to add yet another win to their belt. Hopefully we’ll start hearing of their IRL Catan luck now that they’re sufficiently prepared. Be sure to catch their Master Class series they’re doing with Anora - VODs are on their twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/gmdandydrew Here, take your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Ticket and add it to your collection. Bonus points if you post a photo of you making a coin angel in all those coins you’ve won!

76th - rowentheboat72 has officially joined the ranks of Multi-Tournament Winner! Congratulations on another tournament win! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

78th - Marius looked like he was stuck and even some of the streams thought he was dead in the water but he managed to pull off a magic trick and snag the win! Congrats on 1000 Colonist Coins! and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

80th - Dregerman isn’t it cool when some players fail to check-in? This player once more took advantage of this perk, sneaked the win in a very close semi final and brought home the W, cementing his place as a double tournament winner. And what a cool one to win: it’s double the prize!! 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket.

84th - ChaosLadder seems like this player (whom you may or may not know 👀) enjoys wreaking havoc while climbing the (corporate) catan ladder. How many trophies do you have? And how many more are you trying to win? It is remarkable indeed! For (yet) another win you earn 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket

89th - PiedPiper just like the Grimm Brothers and Robert Browning before him, this player is turning our very own Pied Piper into a legend, a catan legend. We wonder who are you trying to hypnotize or lure away 😉 For now, congratulations on yet another tournament win (seriously, I lost count 🙈) Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

91st VF - AnotherWon I was told to look into DJ Khaled when writing about this win, but his catchphrase seems to be “Don’t ever play yourself”, which, in this context, seems useless advice. So, off we go into the realm of metal and Dream Theater. “It was the mortal passion The flame that lit the fire The beauty of the starlight Brought the cruelty of desire” is so much more appropriate. Your mortal passion for the game seems indeed unparalleled. Congratulations for yet another win... It was, indeed, another ONE! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

92nd - Hippo Countless games, countless finals, countless tables flipped, but you finally did it! The Hippo is now The King of the Base Jungle!! It was a hard-fought battle, where you fought off hawks, dogs, mice, pandas, and all sorts of contenders, but in the end you got the Tournament Winner title to go hand in hand with the EoM and EoS titles! Congratulations, it was very much deserved. Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

95th VF - dinosas and just like we hoped, this player came and conquered again, defending his winning title in a not-so-random board! It was a close game this time, with two players only being one point short, but, in a champion’s fashion, you managed to settle one last time to win. You're 2 for 2 at the moment. When can we expect a 3 for 3? Congratulations! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket.

96th - Prescott Third time was indeed a charm, and after a couple of close calls in the final table, you finally got that well-deserved win. I guess wood came to your aid this time? It is not every day we see a win without road or army. Nicely done and Merry Christmas! Was this or was this not a great Christmas present? 😉Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket.

99th - alna(Klackonian) a force to behold, With ten points earned, his story unfolds,Winning all three games with might, Second seed, they conquered the night 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket.

102nd - DominatedWin

104th - Shinuslaw(Sachin)

🏆Open Cities & Knights Tournament Winners🏆

28th - trissie89 one of our beautiful Donators 😘 just came off a 1:45 semi-finals game and with a small break joined the other grand finalists for the final game. With 28 cards on the next to last turn, you could hear the clogs turning inside Trissie’s mind to see if he could take the win there and then. He did not make it happen so he had to wait one turn where he 7’ed out but still got the W by settling and then taking the longest road for the last points. He already has the C&K expansion, so he won $25 instead plus (!) the normal Cash Tournament Ticket and 500 Colonist Coins!

35th - don_artie, a beautiful Donator 😘 was crowned The new C&K champ. Praised by the strategy that got him aqueduct, he brilliantly defended his #1 position on the leaderboard, cementing him being in the top of CCs C&K players. For this amazing feat he brought home the prize of 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

45th - sparrowhawk1 The Dice Lords may have been frowning upon him the day before but he obviously did something to get in their good graces again as he managed to snag the win without aqueduct and without any metros! We hope you find a good use for your 500 Colonist Coins & Cash Ticket which grants you free entry into our next cash tournament!! May the odds be ever in your favor.

49th - PrijoMoj Despite losing his city early on, Prijo managed to win with a medicine & road builder on his last turn. His unassuming 8/3 coastal city must’ve helped keep him under the radar until he could make his big move. The most exciting part of the whole thing is this is Prijo’s first win! He has been with us since dang near the beginning, playing in many tournaments and coming close numerous times. We’re excited he’s finally got that big W and happily throw 500 Colonist Coins & a Cash Tournament Ticket worth $5 his way!!!

52nd - Gannes A frequent face, who’s been with us a long time now, had an absolutely stellar game. Talk about Lucky Dice! This game absolutely loved him, allowing him to end the game with a 14-6-5-4! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and a cash ticket!

54th - jimbojambo Back for another tournament win! It’s exciting to see so many players coming in hot this year and snatching another Grand Final Winner trophy. On Saturday they made the Day final, placing 2nd there. Overall they ranked in at #5 and came into finals ready for a fight! They can now sit back and enjoy 500 Colonist coins!

55th - MentalMold was on a pilgrimage of redemption and we think he found it. His semi-final game was a landslide win with second place only garnering 5pts. Then, in finals, he has a very well timed Inventor that gave him 12 wheats before his last turn allowing him to flex and end on 14pts. He might’ve been encouraging folks to drop out of Top-16 to make winning a bit easier but he clearly didn’t need it. With enough skill and all the luck, he was able to snatch his 2nd Tournament Win, and with it, 500 colonist coins!

57th - jimbojambo Two shoutouts in a row?? This season 1 veteran is killing it indeed! Can you believe he almost didn’t play? Thanks to some slight peer pressure he checked in for the qualifier at the last moment, and guess what? It paid off! He not only made it to the Day Finals on Saturday, but he also won it! He says he messed up in the Finals by not stealing blue metro and ending the game earlier, but we think he just likes keeping us on the edge of our seats 😉! Go enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!! With all these wins, we’re sure you’re another step closer to your CKSF expansion!

59th - vamoscosmos719 came back to take another title! We’re going to call this year the year of multi-winners, and Vamos gets to be on that list! If you haven’t seen him streaming, what are you even doing? You can find this dude streaming, commentating in someone else's stream, or being streamed while he plays. After this win & a day final win I’m not sure he can claim to be, “...just an average C&K player”. Maybe he can use these 500 Colonist Coins to buy a new map! And we’ll see you soon in our Cash tournament now that you have a Cash Ticket!

62nd - maoamking Gumo! It is hard to keep track of this individual’s real name, is it KellyD, KellyD (#2), maoamking, or something altogether different? We really don’t know, so we like to defer to the easiest option, ‘The Queen Batch’. When The Queen Batch is not kicking butt in c&k you are likely to find him colluding to kingmake someone or solo blocking the 2. At this pace, we are expecting him to come to claim an EOM title soon! Enjoy these 500 Colonist Coins and come back to use this Cash Ticket!

64th - Mari BEWARE! Keep your coins safe! Mari Mari Mari must like things in threes threes threes. Their colonist name is coincoincoin. Sadly, we don’t have 3x the amount of coins for them but we’re stoked they’ve snatched their first tournament win!! They had a good few weeks here in CC - making even the Monthly Tournament Showdown in C&K. We hope that they enjoy gobbling up these 500 Colonist Coins 󠁧

66th - meodi and just like we predicted, better days did come!! One week after placing third in the Base EoM, he comes and snatches the top spot in the tournament. You do know what they say, good things do come to those who wait (and play for it 😉). Congratulations! For this victory you take home 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

68th - Dregerman from a newbie to a winner in just a couple of months! After a few second places, a few second bracket finals, you’re finally here and finally have snatched the big W!! How is the view from the top? Enjoy along with your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

70th - don_artie Showing us why he is coach material, this c&k legend has snagged the first place trophy. It was about time after a few close calls Check server-announcements for the VODs of his two CK master classes where he shared his coveted gameplay insights!! Gefeliciteerd for the 500 Colonist Coins and the Cash Tournament Ticket

71st - knot_J What a debut!! It’s this player’s first mention in the shoutouts and they definitely started with a BANG! Not only for joining the ranks directly on the top stop, but also for his massive finals landslide 13-6-6-5 win! Congratulations! For your win you take home 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket

73rd VFCK - Dregerman snuck into the top 16 with a couple of no-shows but proved that he deserved to be there all along taking the big win in this weekend’s very fast C&K Tournament. Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

77th - maoamking aka Maoama, aka TheForker, aka Pablo’s real dad, aka The Supreme Batch, is known ‘round these parts. Going all-in on the triple-W strat, he settled initially on only wheat and wood (leading to his final W, the win) resulting in a demolished city first round to the barbs. His comeback was aided by avoiding a bombardment of early robbers as his citiless existence let him appear to be the underdog. Ultimately, he denied ranban the overtake with a perfectly-timed and expertly-”pulled” final-play Printer, making for an easy road-settle for the win. Some may claim he’s lucky but we know better - anyone able to win a C&K tournament after losing their city 1st round to the barbs is someone to watch out for. TheForker’s silly antics cannot hide the truth: that he is a champion among champions. Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

79th - Cooldool1290 is no stranger to winning tournaments - or leagues! They came and conquered again and we hope they enjoy bathing in their bath of 500 Colonist coins and come join us for a tournament with real money on the line now that they have a Cash tournament ticket!

83rd - zzour just his second time in these shout-outs and look at this. One win and 25 points got him into top 16, and from there, zour breezed through his semis and battled it out in the finals against seasoned opponents, ending up coming on top with a 13-11-8-5 score. Congratulations!! It was well deserved! For your win you get 500 colonist coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket

85th - PiratePaper You’re probably asking yourself, how do you make PiratePaper? Make Coffee. ...Put a piece of paper on a cookie tray. Pour the coffee onto the cookie tray. Let it stand for about 5-10 minutes. Pour the excess coffee off into a bowl. Heat the oven to 270. Bake the paper in the oven for 5-7 minutes, until it is dry. Had a tough battle through the semis but glad this lovely player secured the win. Definitely recommend checking out his stream and make sure to gamble responsibly. For your win you take home 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket

86th - ranban282 after a few runner-ups positions, this Catan Community veteran has finally got a win under his belt. And it was more than deserved! This player breezed through the semifinals and cemented his win with a solid 13-11-10-7 score. Congratulations!! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

88th - vamoscosmos719 and here you are, showing all the other lions in the pride that this is your title and you mean business!! A super solid semi-finals win (13-9-8-6) was followed by an even solid-er 14 points in the finals, solidifying you as one of the prime Knights of the CC table ⚔️Congratulations! It’s well deserved! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

90th - FewixUwU it was an hour and half long battle, but a neat double city on the 4 sheep and a sheep port helped secure the metro, that plus two more cities, a VP, a defender of catan point, and a merchant got you the 13 points needed to defend your EoM title. Nicely done. When are you going to be back for more? Congratulations!! We hope you enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

94th VFCK - Kurosu Hibiki was this win the best Christmas gift or what? From runner-up to winner, all in a couple of week's time! It is indeed true what they say: practice does make it perfect. We’re so happy to finally see you win a tournament!! Congratulations!! It was well deserved and we hope you enjoy your

97th - arod first time around these parts, and first win. What a home run ⚾!! Second overall seed, and two play-off wins got the job done! Amazing way to start the new year 🍾 Congratulations!! It was well deserved and we hope you enjoyed your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket.

101st - trissie89

103rd - Hippo

105th - sparrowhawk1

107th - ewbanh

🏆Cash Tournament Winners🏆

1st - khushbooba She was our first Cash Tournament winner and wow she is good. The final was very competitive with zero dev cards left in the deck! She managed the sneaky win with 3 hidden VPs and with it $74!

2nd - johnnycash He won the tournament and with that $54, more than 10 times his initial investment!

3rd - Yelfs Had recently joined us and didn't do amazing in their first open tournament. They also didn't start off well and were without a win after the first 2 games. After winning his 3rd game he qualified #18 in this edition which was the lowest of the finalists, but enough for the quarter finals. By winning the next 3 games and therefore 4 in a row he made an amazing comeback to win it all and $128!

4th - paddyemc Paddy did not pay by the time the tournament had started. They scrambled and managed to pay during round 1. Paddy played, Paddy paid, Paddy persevered and Paddy won! Congrats to the prize of $108!

5th - MentalMold He won his semi-final with an impressive 10-6-6-6 result. Then Mental went mental in the mental grand final, took the win and with it $75! Mental now joins his partner from last week's 2v2 tournament in having won cash in one of our Cash Tournaments - with the added bonus of winning $23 more!

6th - ash He turned his win of a Cash Tournament Ticket he got from the 5th Cash Tournament into actual cash in this one! He was surprised by the pace of the games, but it did not faze him. He kept his cool in the semi-finals and got the W with a 10-9-9-7 win and then crushed it in the finals. Congrats on the cash Ash and we hope you spend your $81 wisely!

7th - Gannes Gannes entered the finals with only one win but he had 29 points in total which shows how close this beautiful Donator 😘 was to not just one but 2 other wins - as well as his skill in the game of Catan! It is not the first time he has won a tournament with us either as he won the 15th Open Tournament. For this win he received $54!

8th - NordicZombie After the tight qualifiers, Nordic was headed into semi-finals ranked #3. During semi-finals she shoved friendship aside and ruthlessly stomped over her friends and made it into finals for the first time. Finals came and she played a little more conservatively at first but then smashed the competition with a 10-7-6-5 result! She is also the first woman to be mentioned twice in the :Hall of Fame! For her efforts she won $42!

9th - karm Karm did finally, after falling a bit short in a few tournaments, got into the Grand Final! Despite a loss in her first qualifying match at 9 points, this beautiful Donator 😘 won her next 2 games with a lovely OWS setup. With 2 wins and 29 points, she managed to place #2 in the overall rankings and skip the semi-finals. In the finals, after a quick restart, she sneakily stole the longest road from Jas (after praying hard for a 9) for the win. This is her first, very well deserved, tournament win - and it was a Cash Tournament at that! We hope she spends her $47 wisely!

10th - Rudiks66 This beautiful Donator 😘 smoothly made it into the semi-finals, ranking 4th in the overall rankings. With 2 very close games in the qualifiers and 1 win, he kept on going, never losing steam. Even though he felt like he lost everything when he lost to this writer in the qualifiers, he never gave up hope, picked himself up and ended up winning the whole tournament, taking home $47!

11th - ionutdd This proven competitor once again showed his skill by winning yet another Community Tournament, this time a Cash one 🥳. Two wins and 29 points landed him the second place in the overall ranking, which, in turn, propelled him straight into the Grand Finals where he proceeded to dominate, landing the win in a 10-8-8-6 match. For your exceptional performance, you win $34 USD! Spend it wisely 😉!

12th - Patrik Watch out for this Swede! He’s now done 2 tournaments - placing 2nd and now, 1st! We’re thinking he might top the leaderboard for December if he keeps this pace up! He was ranked #1 coming into finals and clearly wanted it to stay that way. He had a classic “Steal the Road for the Win” play and managed to catapult himself to winning $41!

13th - ash Hey-o! Look who came back and won another Cash Tournament! Not only did he snag the win in the semi-finals, he breezed through that final game in just under 23 minutes! We’re thrilled to add him to the list of multi-tournament winners and hope he keeps coming back for more! Perhaps we’ll see him come back to #🎲colonist-base?? Enjoy your $34, Ash! Take yourself out to lunch!

14th - Brian(KellyC) After knocking out some well known names in the semi-finals, this lovely Donator came in ready to face off against another batch of big names. We think this was a good warm up tournament so that he can go off and do an IRL tournament - perhaps joining Donny or Puzzles?? Congrats on taking home $54 Buckaroos!

15th - alna (Klackonian) A long-time player, and my 14th favorite German you deserve the 68$.

16th - DyLighted takes the cake in this 16th Cash tournament after making his way into the Top 16 with only one qualifying win. This Catan youtube specialist battled his way through close finishes in both the semis and finals, ultimately finding the win and going home with some money in his pocket. We are delighted to crown DyLighted champion! If you, too, want to be a champ, check out DyLighted’s content! Congratulations on winning $54

17th - catbutcow was quickly becoming a front-runner for favorite cat-dad until he took the board’s ore with a mid-game mono allowing him to get his crucial first city. Even after clearing out everyone’s ore, he was able to stay under the radar and sneak the win! Congratulations on winning $54

18th - Brian(KellyC) I don’t know what happened in this game (and unfortunately there’s no vod of the finals), but wow! What a steamroll. Where did you place and how much did the dice love you for a 10-5-5-3 result? Did your opponents even have a chance? Congratulations for this achievement and for your second cash tournament win! We hope you put your US$ 61 winnings to good use!

19th - Cities & Knights - FewixUwU the only thing we know for sure in these finals was that this player won it with 13 Vps. Everything else is a mystery since someone did not post the winning screenshot and has since deleted their colonist account where this game was played 😁. Congratulations for winning the first of-its-kind Cash CK tournament! Let’s hope you have an opportunity to defend your title! Congratulations on winning US$ 47

🏆Special Tournament Winners🏆

1v1 Valentines Tournament - TK He had a false start with a loss in the first qualifier. However he repacked himself and won the next 2 qualifiers earning a spot in the 17-48 bracket! He took this last chance and after a rematch with Oreodreams he knocked out some other familiar names. In the semi-final he faced biglick who was undefeated at that time. He lost the first semi-final but won the next 2 guaranteeing a spot in the final. In which he again lost the first game, but this time he won the next 3 showing his great belief in himself and earning himself the win! With the win he got 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

19th 2v2 - MoTwo2 and Anora! Team MoTwoal Destruction took the win in this exciting grand final of our 2v2 special edition Open Tournament! MoTwo is used to coming in #1 as he won Colonist’s own Seafarers Tournament last year! Sources tell us that he also won a Catan Universe Cities and Knight Tournament recently, however for Anora this is his first win so congrats to him! Congrats to the boys for the win and with that they get 1 Cash Tournament Ticket each and 2000 Colonist Coins to share!

22nd 2v2 - Undercover and Hades96 The Underworld Rulerz took the win in the Grand Finals in our second 2v2 tournament! They got randomly paired together and crushed it in the qualifiers by winning all their games and placing #3 in the rankings. They won Round 16 with 10-7 and in the quarter-final they had a hard time in the beginning, but picked it up at the end. They then went on to crush it in the semi-finals before they took the big W! They won 1 Cash Tournament Ticket each and 2000 Colonist Coins to share!

25th Black Forest - Rayman200 In this Special Tournament with the Black Forest map, Rayman switched it around from the overall rankings and went from #2 ranked to the #1 player of the whole tournament by winning the Grand Final! He also won his day final so he won not one but two Cash Tournament Tickets and 1000Colonist Coins!

33rd Shuffle - saranater, a beautiful donator 😘, came, saw and won. Getting into Top 16 due to dropouts, she did not waste this opportunity, winning her semi-final, making it into the final table and squeezing a win in the finals! Congratulations on your win and the prize of 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

37th NTNT - Zenda it was only the second time this beautiful donator 😘 made it to the final table, and he made it count! Coming out of a solid semis win, he played under the radar for the first half of the final match, but came out of left field in the final turns, winning the longest road to claim another solid win: 10-8-4-4! Congratulations on this victory!! You will receive the prize of 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket!

40th 1 Year Anniversary (Finals A) - Boromir this lovely Donator and veteran player has been with us from the start. He came into the tournament to crush his opposition, and crush them he did. He had one of the highest number of wins all tournament, winning 12 out of 16 games played ! Winning not just one, but 2 out of 3 Day Finals, he had all but secured his spot in the Top 16. Boromir continued this momentum into his semifinals, where he won with a smooth 10-8-8-5 score. Come the finals, it was hard to stop him once his momentum took off, which led to a smooth 10-7-5-5 victory, thus crowning him as 1 of 2 champions of this tournament ! For your amazing performance, you win $75 USD and a Cash Tournament Ticket !!

40th 1 Year Anniversary (Finals B) - vamoscosmos719 playing in only two qualifiers the whole week, this beautiful donator 😘 crushed the competition on Friday, winning all three qualifying matches! His domination continued on during semi-finals (where he comfortably won in a 10-8-7-6 match) and was cemented during the final game. He took the crown by winning against proven competitors, and all while streaming and commentating his games (talk about multi-tasking)! It was, indeed, a pleasure seeing him silently, but effusively, celebrate his second VP pull while his opponents discussed who should have blocked whom 😉. A final mono on the ore helped him build a final city, which crowned him the second champion of this Tournament! Congratulations on your win!! We hope you enjoy your prize of 💰 $75 USD 💰 and a Cash Tournament Ticket !!

43rd 1v1 - Boromir this wonderful Donator 😘 has been on a roll in the recent tournaments and can often be found playing a mix of 2p and 3p games in colonist. Clearly practice makes perfect since he swept all three rounds in his friday qualifier, going 3-3, and thus taking the #4 spot on the overall leaderboard. Winning his quarterfinals in 2 close games, took him to the semis. Although he won the first match, he sadly didn't win the second. It was a nail biting 3rd match that declared him the winner, putting him into the finals. Watching him play is fascinating indeed, seeing how he can jump from 5 to 10 points in the blink of an eye. For this win you will receive the prize of 1000 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket! We hope to see you make good use of it 😉.

47th NTNT - disastamasta142 From the 33+ bracket last weekend to 1st overall! After a few top 16 drop outs they were pushed into this bracket. This is why we always say to check in! You might play up a bracket like 1st-3rd this tournament! Disasta had quite the comeback game. Patrik had all but won when disasta was able to connect, firmly securing road for themselves and launching them to 9pts. Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins & Cash Ticket worth $5! Perhaps we’ll see you for the cash tourney in a few days??

53rd 2v2 - Team AntFarm aka Farmer & Redant90 We think a more fitting name would’ve been The Salty Birches but alas, AntFarm is cute enough. It was probably a name meant to distract their opponents from the insane amount of luck this duo experiences in Catan. In all seriousness, we aren’t that surprised to see this duo do well in the 2v2 tournament. Like an old, married couple they bicker and fight but when it really matters they can come together and become an intimidating, dominating force. All that CaTuesday practice paid off and Redant gets to claim his 3rd tournament win and Farmer gets to claim her first! For their abilities to squabble and squash they each walk away with 750 Colonist Coins and a cash ticket!!

61st Seafarers - Ghajni has been around since Season 2 but had been MIA for ~4 months so we were thrilled to not only see them sail in again for a tournament but to see them get their first win, too! And, they didn’t just win they smashed their table finishing 12-6-6-6. Enjoy your sparkly new 500 Colonist Coins and we hope to see you again soon!

69th Shuffle - DandyDrew is usually found sticking with the good ol’ base game, but came through and shuffled his way to the top in this tournament! This is his… 5th tournament win? How many have you collected so far? I think we’ve lost count Congratulations again! For this, you take home (again) 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket

75th 2v2 with KOC - Artful and hasgrig Penguins are known for their teamwork: huddling together when the weather is trying to kill you, hoarding fish into bait balls, or taking turns squattin’ on an egg. And while they weren’t displaying those particular skills this weekend they did display amazing teamwork as they not only won the tournament, but went completely undefeated! Huzzah! Enjoy your pot of 1000 Colonist Coins EACH and a Cash Tournament Ticket

81st CK VolCKano - CrackaPackin what did I tell you? He makes an appearance every time he plays, and this time he vied for and earned his THIRD trophy!! Oh, I still remember when he took his first steps in CK and now, look at him, going to battle and winning tournaments 😭 Congratulations for your well deserved 500 Colonist Coins and a Cash Tournament Ticket.

82nd Tournament: CC x DavBav 1v1 - js221b it is incredible how far can a player go when given the chance. Js joined the tournament as a backup hero in the first round and absolutely killed it. In 15 games played, he won 11 of them, killing it in the finals, winning 3 games out of 4 to snatch the big W. Congratulations!! It was well-deserved and for it you won USD$ 175

87th 2 Year Anniversary (Finals A) - CatanBot late check-in and a gracious host allowed this player to join the top 16 in these playoffs. ChatGPT had this to say about their win: “Congratulations to the Catanbot for winning the Catan tournament! Your victory is a testament to the power of advanced technology and the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Meow meow!” If only a bot had played right? 😉 Enjoy your $55 US

87th 2 Year Anniversary (Finals B) - Lundy A nice whooping 10-8-7-5 semis score was following for a nice whooping 10-8-6-4 finals score! Nicely done again!! This win surely will make me choose you for all my future catan fantasy teams 😉 Congratulations on yet another win!! Enjoy your $55 US**

93rd Base RANDOM - dinosas such a brilliant win in such a dominant fashion! His first time playing in an online tournament did not stop him from qualifying as the first seed with an impressive 31 points, which led him to claim an undefeated Win! We’re definitely not surprised by this outcome - he is, after all, the 2021 US Catan National Champion! We hope to see him around here again soon to defend your title with less board randomness. For now, congratulations! Enjoy your 500 Colonist Coins and Cash Tournament Ticket

100th Base NTNT - JoãoDark (The Yeet)

100th Base 1v1 - Rang

100th CK 1v1 - jimbojambo

106th 1v1 Double Elimination - trissie89

🏆End of Month Tournament Winners🏆

Season 2 (2021)

January - Redant90 aka Anton aka Mr. Blue aka Jenda aka Janine aka “the Britt who never sleeps” fought his way through many late night games and made the top 4 in January. Here he put the saltshaker away for 1 or 2 days since he took home the win and with that 2800 Colonist Coins and a secured spot in the End of Season Tournament!

February - NordicZombie Played game after game and ended up in the top 4 in February as well as January with the same people both months. It was an even game with a lot of ups and downs. But anyhow she took the win and with it the guaranteed spot in the End of Season Tournament and an expansion from Colonist.io worth 2800 Colonist Coins!

March - Boromir He finished as #10 in the rankings but got into the top 8 because of drop-outs above him. He won the semi-final and then shone in the Grand Final. For his strong effort he won an expansion of his choosing from Colonist.io worth 2800 Colonist Coins as well as the secured spot in the End of Season Tournament!

Season 3 (2021)

April - Jas She started the Grand Final as the underdog. While the others were fighting amongst themselves Jas slowly snuck-up from behind and took the win with 2 hidden victory points and largest army! For the amazing feat Jas won an expansion of her choosing from Colonist.io worth 2800 Colonist Coins as well as the secured spot in the End of Season 3 Tournament!

May - CoolJohn23 got into the tournament by grinding to gain LPs and reaching #10 in the leaderboard of the month. He made it by a hair into the finals as he had the same number of wins and VPs as another participant, but got it thanks to a higher table percentage. In the finals, well you guessed it - he won! With the win he has nabbed the secured spot to the End of Season 3 Tournament and an expansion from Colonist.io worth 2800 Colonist Coins!

June - Rayman200, one of our beautiful Donators 😘, made it into the tournament as #1 on the leaderboard. He had a solid win in the semi-final & took home the win in the final earning himself a secured spot in the End of Season 3 Tournament and an expansion from Colonist worth 2800 Colonist Coins! Congrats on the win!

Season 4 (2021)

July - Hippo After a few attempts, our resident Hippo (and amazing Community Contributor and Donator 😘) finally did it! 🥳 Placing 8th on the Leaderboard, he went straight to the semi-finals, where he crushed the competition. In the finals, he proved that he can handle all the trading and communication thrown at him 😉, and managed to snag the win with the help of not one, but two monos!! (in the semi finals, he “only had one”). For this brilliant (and well deserved) victory, he receives 2800 Colonist Coins!. We wonder if he will invest into an expansion!! Congratulations once more!

August - js221b You can often find our winner of the August Tournament playing in colonist and also volunteering as a lovely backup hero for tournaments. He crushed it in the semifinals 10-8-7-5! Luck was definitely on his side, with the largest army locked and a lucky roll for his winning turn, he was able to port enough cards for a city and claim the win. For this brilliant (and well-deserved) victory, he receives 2800 Colonist Coins! plus a secured spot in our End of Season Tournament. Congratulations once more!

September - karm the top spot is one place this amazing Donator 😘 is used to, as she was #1 on the September leaderboard every.single.day.of.the.month 🥳! A lucky pull in the semis, awarded her the win in a very close match (“hippo pulled a billion vps, but none for the win”), showing everyone that no wheat does not equal defeat 😉. In the finals, despite an early plow (which made her lose all hope 🙄), she continued to show her prowess and took the win home with the longest road, wrapping things up with a 10-8-6-6 result. With a second tournament win under her belt, the sky is her limit! Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins, plus a secured spot in the End of Season 4 Tournament (even though she had already qualified 😉)!

Season 5 (2021)

October - trissie89 I think the ruse is up for this humble Season 1 veteran & Donator - not only is Trissie a king in Cities & Knights but it’s clear he knows the base game just as well as he walked away from the EOM finals with a win in a tight 10-9-9-5 race for the win. Congratulations on your win!! Enjoy your 2800 Colonist Coins and a secured spot in the End of Season 5 Tournament.

November - Cooldool1290 this lovely young player is no stranger to making it to the end of month tournaments, this being his third one. Seems like the third time was indeed the charm since he not only got to skip a bracket and play in the Upper Semis, but he emerged the winner of the Tournament. Playing a pure OWS setup (despite karm's best efforts to convince him to play with only ore and sheep), he stacked up those victory points and locked in his army, wood and brick are overrated after all 😉. While he does hold a special place in this writer’s heart, he stomped on it just enough this game to make her reconsider it 😉. Congratulations on your first End of Month win!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins, plus a secured spot in the End of Season 5 Tournament!

December - Hippo Sometimes, one is not satisfied with having already won 1 EOM tournament and they show up to win another! Hippo already had a guaranteed spot in the EOS tournament but that didn’t encourage him into taking a break before battling it out in the EOS. Nooo, instead he felt the call of the dice and played both tournaments that happened this weekend, winning this one and making finals in the Open. He has been on a Hot Streak winning tournaments and games left and right. Watch out for this Hippo! With this win he gets 2800 Colonist Coins!

Season 6 (2022)

January CK League - trissie89 This very humble and modest Cities & Knights goat 🐐 faced off against some very strong players this EOM. Losing to the mighty lion 🦁 in the Upper Semis, he came in full force in the Finals, and snatched the win in a 13-12-7-7 game! Next time Trissie says he’s not good at CK, show him his more than 2.000x win rate 😉. Congratulations on your amazing win!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins and $20 USD!

January Base League - Athanais has been clawing for a win for quite some time now. We’ve witnessed the rage when she just misses out on a win and we’re absolutely thrilled this one went in her favor. Truth be told we were all a bit scared of what would’ve happened if she had lost. 😬 If you ever want amazing pictures of nature - be sure to tag her in off-topic-chat as she's got loads of amazing, beautiful views. We know she’ll be riding the high of winning her first tournament for quite a while - and what a first tournament to win! She gets to rake in the big bucks and take home 2600 Colonist Coins and $20 USD!

February CK League - K0jz0r They did it! They got the big W! And not just any win, but an EOM win to boot! You’ll find this veteran player snatching up wins left and right in the matchmaker and often getting into the shoutouts. In fact, they’ve made the final four times here & we’re thrilled they were able to snatch their first big Win in Catan Community! Now we hope that they don’t retire! Maybe we can bribe you to stay with 600 Colonist Coins & $20USD? Regardless, congratulations on your win! It was a long time coming!

February Base League - Mousetail Is this really his first tournament win or am I having a hard time finding him in the Hall of Fame? If you don’t know Mouse - I’m not surprised. He’s super inactive and barely does anything around here. He might have a title of a Server Lead, spearheaded the building of the website, and various other things here but it’s not like we needed him to. He just won’t go away. So, like Farmer, we make him feel important. He’s not even that talented…just ask any of his opponents this game - they just gave him a sympathy win to keep him happy. And we’ll also give him 2800 sympathy Colonist Coins & $20! Maybe he can start saving up for a girlfriend?

March CK League - vamoscosmos719 The win came out of nowhere with a perfectly timed spy and a 7 roll that allowed him to steal a merchant and a cloth to get metro and the win! Vamos is not only on a roll irl catan tournaments but also in the online scene! Honestly Vamos is one of the most wholesome streamers out there, and his joy and passion are contagious! Congratulations on your third tournament win!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins

March Base League - NameRaterTom after placing in the finals of a couple of tournaments, this player finally came out on top and got the greatest prize of all: an End of Month Winner Trophy!! Despite losing his first semi-final, he came on top in the second, taking it all in the finals! Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins and 💵$20 USD

Season 7 (2022)

April Base League - sparrowhawk1 Congratulations on your win!! He sure sparr-owed no expense by crushing his enemies! He won the tightest semifinal (10-9-9-8!!!) and then followed with a stronger performance (10-6-6-6!). GG. With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins, plus $20 USD

April CK League - meodi From runner-up in the March CK EOM to winner of the 68th CK Open, he has come a long way to take the EOM crown. It was long due Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins, plus $20USD

May Base League - Grubdubdub What a way to make your tournament win debut! You did what every upper finalist aims to do - play two games and win the ultimate prize! Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins and plus $20 USD

May CK League - K0jz0r took the long way around and decided to get an extra game in after losing in the upper semis. He then dominated the lower semi’s, securing his place in the final, and then steamrolled the competition to take the big prize in May’s End of Month C&K Tournament. His wheat port game aided in his swift conquering of two metros and road, leaving his opponents in the grain dust. Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins, plus $20USD

June CK League - meodi Multi-tournament winner, say whaaa!? After grinding it out to make the leaderboard for the month he goes and takes the whole kit and kaboodle! Meodi has been around since the dawn of CC, riding out the highs and lows and consistently making his name known as a competitor to be watched. Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins and $20 USD.

June Base League - Lundy Joined us in April and it didn’t take long for them to start dominating the leaderboards! They came in with the 3rd most LPs for the month and squeaked out a win in a tight race for first in the semi-final. The final was a smidge bit less of a nail biter but we’re thrilled they were able to pull off back-to-back wins! Congratulations on your first tournament win!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coinsplus $20 US!

Season 8 (2022)

July CK League - Santos Whoa look who finally hopped aboard the train to winner’s town! Rumor has it he has a secret co-conspirator who purrs strategic methods in his ear all game, so we really should be giving the win to them. You can find Santos - who is not Portuguese but does suffer from Crustulumphobia (according to him) - on Tuesdays stirring up some 2v2s or in off-topic-chat labling poorly amazingly drawn chickens. Alas, Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins and maybe can put it towards buying yourself a private island with a nice palm tree. Or, some drawing lessons.

July Base League - Oreodreams it’s been a long time coming for this Community Veteran. Took some time, but he finally snatched his well deserved win!!! Now to the serious questions: how many double chocolate oreos can you get with 2800 Colonist Coins? Congratulations.

August CK League - vamoscosmos719 takes the cake in August’s C&K End of Month tournament! His wheat-port strategy served him well as he coasted to the win, leaving the rest in his dust. To learn how to be a classy CK player check out vamos’ streams. Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins, plus $20USD

August Base League - trashplayer nothing like starting with a bang right? Trashplayer proved that he is not trash at all and makes his debut in our rankings (and shoutouts) as the winner of the August End of Month Tournament. Fighting through both the upper and lower semifinals, he snagged the win in a packed final with a 10-8-6-5 score! Congratulations on your win!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins and $20UD

September CK League - squashh OMG what a debut!! First time in a EoM finals and you make your triumphant appearance having squashed your opponents. Your grinding definitely paid off as you won a place directly in the Upper Semis. From there, two wins were enough, and you got them both! Brilliant performance! Congratulations!! With it you take 600 Colonist Coins, plus $20USD

September Base League - Nox Was this the infamous win that filled you with light and led you to change your discord name to “Lux” ⚡? It was a very close race, but extra sheep and a port gave you the last point you needed to take home the W. Congratulations!! We hope to see you defending your title soon. With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins plus $20 US!

Season 9 (2022)

October CK League - tuetenjoe from runner-up to WINNER!! All in one week’s time!! Who cares that it was in different modes? It just shows your double-threatness!! Congratulations!! Let’s defend this title now, shall we? With it you take 600 Colonist Coins plus $20USD

October Base League - Joshua Wright after a few tries, you finally got a tournament win under your own belt. Putting down 4 roads to sneak the last 2 points did it. It was about time! Congratulations!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coins plus $20 US!

November CK League - OrangeZenos from now on we shall name you OrangeZenos, Conqueror of Catan, the Destroyer of Cities. There’s nothing like cities crumbling under your fist during the early stages of the game right? 😉 This skill, coupled with some dice luck (crazed 5’s, only 5 discarded cards, and rolling a bunch of 7s) led you to your first End of Month win and your first tournament crown. What a debut! Congratulations!! Cheers to a few more! 600 Colonist Coins, plus $20USD

November Base League - harryshower all the practice definitely paid off - both for this tournament and for another event, Mr. Qualifier winner 😉 Two wins got it done. Don’t we wish all the tournaments were this smooth?! Congratulations!! With it you take 2800 Colonist Coinsplus $20 US!

December CK League - kozokosa

December Base League - Oreodreams and our Oreo has finally evolved to a DOUBLE OREO with this SECOND EoM win!! 🥳 Starting in the Lower Quarterfinals, our favorite cookie went through all stages of the tournament to snatch his second trophy. Him and his amazing golden color! Congratulations!! Cheers to a few more! 2800 Colonist Coins, plus $20USD

Season 10 (2023)

January CK League - Prescott

January Base League - JoãoDark (The Yeet)

🏆End of Season Tournament Winners🏆

Season 1 - Cedric (MrSmookie). Only four could move on to the final, the top three was secured but who was going to be the fourth? It was a nailbiter as brother was pitted against brother but Cedric took the spot by having a higher percentage of table points! He then went into the final and won. As a prize he chose a custom catan board worth up to $150. The other finalists got to choose between different Catan themed prizes worth $30-$50 each.

Season 2 - Anora He came in at #1 in the rankings after 5 intense placement matches and then moved onto win it all! For his win he got a choice of a custom board from our amazing sponsors worth up to $150! Which one did he get?

Season 3 - Rayman200 one of our beautiful Donators 😘 was on a roll for the end of the season. He started off by gaining another secured spot in the Season Finals by winning the June League Tournament. He didn’t need it because he already was guaranteed a spot by being so high up on the leaderboard! He got into the final’s table with the highest points of those with 2 wins, landing him the #3 spot in the rankings. It was a somewhat close game, but in the end he took the win and with it not only the glory, but also a custom Catan board worth around $150! Which one will he get?

Season 4 - js221b this talented player made a name for himself by winning the August League Tournament and cementing his spot in the End of Season 4 Tournament. He did not let this opportunity go to waste, and was the only player to win 3 out of 5 qualifier games. With a tough finals table, he came in guns blazing with not just a strong OWS setup, but also a solid road setup, because why have one when you can have it all right ? He has shown a steady exemplary performance across tournaments, and we hope to see him play more and win more! For a fight well fought and won, you will receive a custom Catan board worth around $150 USD thanks to our awesome sponsors!!

Season 5 - Hippo This win marks Hippo’s THIRD tournament win! He has won two monthly finals and can add an EOS tournament, too! If there was ever someone deserving of an end of season win, it is Hippo. He does a ton of background work for the server, is super active in the matchmaker and always helping little lost lambs in the tournament chat. He will receive a custom Catan board worth around $150 USD thanks to our awesome sponsors!!