Catan Community follows a strict non-profit model. We use the donations we collect to offer Cash Tournament Tickets as prizes in our Open Tournaments, to fund the Discord bot, our website, the Base & CK League End of Month Tournament prizes and any other charges that may occur.

Ways to Donate:

United States


Venmo: @Puzzlesss

Cashapp: $puzzlesss

Europe and the rest of the world


Donation Perks:

Donors receive the following:

  1. A server role @Donator to show off their commitment!
  2. They may choose 1 emoji and 1 gif emoji that we will upload to the server. Most people choose to make their robber eternal.
  3. Donators get an extra raffle ticket for tournaments if they would otherwise win at least one ticket (as long as you were not the Winner or one of the Grand Finalists of that tournament).
  4. Donators can also personalize their website profile.
  5. The bot also uses Donator names in the game IDs, so keep an eye open for that.

Thanks to those who have already donated. Check out for the top donations.

CC Team & Contributor Perks

Those who are a part of the @CC Team or who is a @Contributor are those who help run this server and for their efforts they get the following perks:

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask a @CC Team member!