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We host tournaments every weekend alternating between Open, Cash, and Special Tournaments. Tournaments are announced every Wednesday with Qualifiers typically taking place through the weekend and Finals taking place on Sunday.

Our Open Tournaments are free for everyone and you must Register once in order to be able to play. You play three rounds against randomised opponents. These opponents are announced at the start of each round on the qualifying day in #tournament-announcements. In order to qualify for the finals you need to complete all 3 rounds on a qualifying day. You can read more about this in Tournament Format.

You may play all the qualifying days for League Points, and your best attempt will count towards the Finals rankings. Tournament Results will be announced in #tournament-results.

At the end of every month, the top ranked players on the Base and Cities & Knights leaderboards will be invited to an exclusive End of Month Tournament. They will then fight it out for all the glory and Cash prizes!

Our Leagues

You can play games for fun and league points in our Match Finder. You can host games in #colonist using the following command !mode wager tag. The various game modes available to play are Base (base), Cities and Knights (ck), Cities and Knights Seafarers (ck) and Seafarers (sf). You can assign yourself a role in #role-assignment so you can get notified when a game of your preferred choice is created.

In order to join a game, click on the smaller Game Console 🎮 logo to join it. Once the game ends, head on over to #report-winner to post your win using !winner game-id @username and the screenshot to earn your league points. Check out the bot info page for much more detailed information about how the bot works. In case of any disputes regarding the game or a wrong report, flag the game by reacting to the smaller Shield 🛡️ logo and a @Moderator will contact you. In case you want to open a ticket regarding the game, head on over to #reporting-players and submit any and all relevant chat log, game log and screenshots.


Catan Community is a community based server and we strive our best to fulfill everyone's needs. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us (in terms of changes or new things you would like to see implemented) don't hesitate to post them in #suggestions.


Catan is a strategy based game and everyone can have a different, unique perspective on the same game. Feel free to use the #strategy channel to discuss board placements, wacky dice, different strategies and tips and tricks. While discussing a game, be mindful to not disclose the identities of the players and simply post a screenshot of the board.


Please follow our server rules at all times. Keep each other accountable and the server non-toxic.

Reporting Players

In case a player is disrespectful towards you or other players, and/or have broken our server rules, use the #reporting-players channel to open a ticket. A @Moderator will reach out to you and all concerned parties regarding the ticket. All incidents are noted and taken into consideration in case of repeat offences. When opening a ticket, don't forget to link all related chat log, game log as well as screenshots.


Catan Community follows a strict non-profit model. We use the donations we collect to offer Cash Tournament Tickets as prizes in our Open Tournaments, to fund the Discord bot, our website, the Base & CK League End of Month Tournament prizes and any other charges that may occur.

Meet the Team

The organisational structure of Catan Community consists of different teams. You can read about the teams and what they do in Meet the Team! Interested in joining a team? Let us know in this interest form:

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