Meet the Team

The organisational structure of Catan Community consists of different teams. You can read about the teams and what they do below! Interested in joining a team? Let us know in this interest form.

Server Leads

Lizcakes & Ritter

The three Server leads are elected by the CC Team every season. Together, they have the responsibility to oversee:

Tournament Team

Bouncyknight, Gumnut, Hippo, Lizcakes Melle, Rudiks, Sparrowhawk, xStardust, Giggs, Pig, Puzzles, & Thommiez

The Tournament Team deals with most things related to the tournaments. Need help understanding how to sign up for a Tournament or anything regarding one, feel free to reach out to any of the Tournament Team members. Need help during a tournament? Those you see with @Host are the team members running that current tournament and online to assist you in any and all tournament needs.

Writing/Promo Team

Athanais, Bouncyknight, & Ritter

The Writing/Promo team has the responsibility to write most of the text for the whole server's needs. More specifically they are in charge of:

Moderator Team

Donny, Jas, Lizcakes Ritter

The Moderator Teams main responsibilities are to deal with tickets that comes in through the channel #reporting-players and monitor public channels for any rule breaking offense. They work hard to try to keep the community a welcoming place to players of all skill levels.

Finance Team

HarryShower & Ritter

The Finance team keeps monitoring the finance situation of the server, collect donations, reach out to winners and distribute the Cash Prizes.

Development Team

Hippo, Mousetail & Opanda,

The Development Team maintains/builds the bots you love, designs and maintains our website, and does all the techy stuff that not everyone understands. However, they cannot do it all themselves! Hence they are getting help from our amazing Contributors that are brought in for special projects, like to work on and finish our website!

As mentioned earlier if you are interested in joining a team, let us know in this interest form: