League Points

In the Catan Community Leagues, you can rise through the ranks by earning league points.

The Monthly League Tournaments are for the community members who have earned the most league points for that month through playing Match Finder games and in our Open Tournaments. You can play Base and Seafarers games in #colonist-base and Cities & Knights and Cities & Knights Seafarers games in #cities-and-knights.

Those with the most league points for a league at the end of the month get exclusive access to the end of month tournament with a prize pool of $50 USD and even more for the base league.

How to earn League Points!

In this community you can earn league points by playing in our Open Tournaments and games through Match Finder - with or without wagers! You can view your current standings by typing !rank or !leaderboard in #bot-spam. In addition to getting league points per win, you also receive daily bonuses for not only playing different modes, but also your first win per mode.

Non Wager Match Finder Games:

Daily Bonus:

For the first game you play in every mode, you get a 25 LP bonus, plus another 25 LP bonus for your first win in every mode in addition to the LP you get from wins. Assuming you play every mode and win one game in it every day, you get 50 LP per mode we have. Modes include:

You can also play wager games to increase the LP you receive when you win a wager game.

Wagers start at 25LP for 1v1s and 50LP for 3 or more player games. Wagers increase up to 50 and 100LP, and then 100 and 250LP for the respective number of players towards the end of every month.

We recommend players to not go into negative LP since it does affect your standing on the respective league leaderboards.

Open Tournaments

A monthly tournament schedule will be announced on our discord before the start of each month to allow players to plan ahead. Tournaments are held every weekend and detailed information will be posted during the week before each tournament. While Open Tournaments are worth league points, Cash Tournaments are not. League Points from tournaments will be added within 24 hours of the tournament finishing.

The victory points you accumulate throughout open tournaments are worth 10 League Points each. You also get 100 points for each of your wins (except for semifinal wins). If you are skilled or lucky enough to get into a day final or into a higher bracket for the semifinals you will get your points multiplied! Our multipliers scale based on tournament participation levels. Making it into a dayfinal will award more LPs if that day’s qualifier has more participants. Similarly, making it into the top semifinal brackets will give you more LPs if the semifinal has more participants. See tables below for the semifinal brackets multipliers and for examples of league points you can earn from both Match Finder and Open Tournaments.

CC Multipliers Chart July 2022.PNG

CC Tourney LP Distribution Chart July 2022.PNG