About Aracknid#6637

I'm a first generation gamer. Started in 1977 with an Atari 2600, then the ColecoVision in 1982, and then the big boy Commodore 64. Learned how to code on that puppy. Then the NES, the Sega Genesis, The Wii, the PS3, the PS4, and now up to my new PS5. I love nerdy crap. Was a nerd long before it was cool, so now I'm cool by default (?). Got an awesome grey beard. Love movies. As a kid, worked in a video rental store long before Blockbuster came and took over. You guys remember VHS? Worked at an HMV too (That's a British record store chain we had in Canada). That was fun. I had some pretty cool jobs as a teenager and young adult. Have a BSc. in Computer Science. No I never worked with punch cards. I'm not that old. Been working in the Software Industry for about 30 years. Life is good.

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JulianDang#6251 41
Abiggayeel#4994 37
rayman200#0 37
Mikerocker68#3109 37
wheatcoin#0 36
giggs4pups#0 "Giggs" 32
oreodreams#0 "Oreodreams" 30
Couch Tomato#2218 30
zebra100#0 29
RyanTheWebGuy#1087 28


date Tournament Name Mode
11/2022 Open92Base base
11/2022 Open91Base base
11/2022 Open90Ck c&k
10/2022 Open88Ck c&k
9/2022 Open821V1 base
9/2022 Open85Ck c&k
9/2022 Open83Ck c&k
9/2022 Open84Base base
8/2022 Open79Ck c&k
8/2022 Open81Volck c&k
7/2022 Open74 base
6/2022 Open73Vfck c&k
5/2022 Open69Shuffle base
5/2022 Open70Ck c&k
4/2022 Open64Ck c&k
4/2022 Open65 base
3/2022 Open59Ck c&k
2/2022 Open57Ck c&k
2/2022 Open55Ck c&k
1/2022 Open51 base
12/2021 Open49 c&k
8/2021 Open35 base